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Is today a day you dread? I LOVE Friday the 13th. The year I got the “dream” job, I applied on Friday the 13th, interviewed in Friday the 13th and then got the job one DAY after my birthday.

Magical, right?

Well, no. It was a lot of hard work and side work. It was hustling and personal growth. It was taking a chance on myself.

Putting yourself out there on the Internet is scary. The algorithms work in your favor that way — they’re designed to share your content with people who have interacted with you in the past.

And if they’ve interacted with you in the past, logic says, they’ll like you again.

And that feels good.

Getting likes, comments and shares.

It feels great! There’s no denying that nor is there shame in that. However, the risk is that we get too comfortable in that zone and stop seeking out followers who will challenge us and actually engage in a discussion.

Brands don’t want — and, most often, can’t survive — bad press. And that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about an engaging discussion beyond the pre-programmed “Amazing!” “Cool!” “Yes!” or the even less engaged, Like, Laugh or Love.

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