As a cubicle warrior, your title matters. Titles often define your salary AND how far you can move when looking for new opportunities. Entrepreneurs and careerpreneurs alike need to get a little more creative with their titles to find bigger and better opportunities. Here are three ways to use a title to define what you do AND help you turn what you do into cold, hard cash.

What you do is often defined in one to three words in bold letters in your email signature and on the back of your business card. If you’re lucky, it may also be on a glass plaque outside your door.

Cubicle Warriors — my term for those of you in the good old 9-5 — need to be aware of what their titles are because these titles often define their level of salary, benefits and how quickly they can climb the corporate ladder.  

Careerpreneurs — another of my terms for anyone who has a side-hustle AND a full-time gig; whether they want to turn the side-hustle into full-time is, for this definition, irrelevant — can be a bit more creative with their titles as their tasks are not always so clearly defined.

And entrepreneurs? We can do anything we want — that’s the perk of being the Boss!!


How do you find the title that’s right for you? It really depends on your audience, your goals and your services. Defining yourself by your audience, your business or your long-term plans is a surefire way to create the success you want to see in your bank account, but how do you start?

These three examples will help you get some titles to use in your marketing efforts and maybe, help you decide what to put on your business card!

Define Yourself by Services Offered

Understanding what services you’re going to offer in your business is the first step to defining your business. This can, and should, evolve over time and, often, has many pricing iterations as well. Start by making a list of all the things you like to do within your zone of genius. Determine if there’s a market need for one or more of these services and then decide how you’re going to market the fact that you DO these services. Create different titles for each service and marketing/social media pitches for each.

Define Yourself by Your Audience

There is something to be said for using the buzzwords your audience uses and understands. By using the words your audience uses to describe what you do, you’re more likely to find more of THEIR peers to market to. The best way to create this list? ASK! Asking your audience what they think of when they think to refer you is a simple and easy way to crowd-source your content and marketing strategy for very little to no cost to you.

Define Yourself by Salary

This one’s for your Cubicle Warriors and Careerpreneurs — if you’re looking to move up in the corporate world, you need to use their level of measurement for success and growth. In many cases, that’s tasks associated with one or more salary levels and jobs. Use and to understand the roles you’re fulfilling in your day-to-day responsibilities and then build a LinkedIn profile that showcases ALL of these skills in a clear and concise way. This also works for Entrepreneurs, depending on their audience.

There’s a lot to be said for what you call yourself and, more importantly, how you market yourself. At the end of the day, many of the job titles we use today won’t even be relevant in 5-10 years but the skills you master WILL be vitally important so work on increasing the skills you have in your toolbox rather than tilting the toolbox itself.

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