An influencer is a person or small business that engages its audience in a way that leads to conversions.

Influencers can endorse products (think Kim Kardashian), create their own products or feature products from other brands and make money from an affiliate program.

As an entrepreneur, you only have so many hours in a day so it is important for you to both find influencers and, potentially, be an influencer.

Affiliate Programs are a great way to make passive income. For entrepreneurs, they’re also a great way to grow your sales force without formally hiring a sales team.

Influencers are people who sell your brand for you when you’re busy creating or working on your brand. [Click to Tweet].

Small Business can be influencers, especially if the small business is your personal brand. For example, I have Vix Reitano, my personal brand and CreatiVix Media, my business brand. They both represent me, my services and the products I sell, but they also have different goals and objectives for the content that is posted. The audiences are similar but not the same.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand, start by connecting with others in your space. That’s what an Instagram Pod is to begin with, a group (or pod) of people with like-minded brands that connect to engage each other’s audience and help grow brand awareness for all accounts involved.

Here’s a quick post on Instagram Pods and some things to remember before you join one.


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