There’s no crying in baseball and there are NO guarantees in marketing. Marketing involves a series of strategies, tactics and content to promote your brand, service or product to your audience. That audience has to convert — or BUY — what you’re selling in order for all of the other elements to be successful.


Everyone loves a guarantee.

Unfortunately, in most businesses, you can’t give a guarantee. A lawyer can’t guarantee that you’ll win your case, a doctor can’t guarantee that you’ll survive surgery. A Rodan and Fields consultant can’t guarantee that their skin regime will save your face.

The only thing that is guaranteed in life? That there are absolutely no guarantees.

I deal with brands, entrepreneurs and influencers who always ask about guarantees for social media marketing efforts and that’s something I actually LOVE to do.

Most social media experts will see “success” as delivering clicks to your site from one or more social media platforms.

To me, that’s not enough.

And, luckily for my clients, I can guarantee that I will find all of the “workarounds” (or Vixes!) they need to not only deliver clicks but actually convert those clicks to clients to build their business and their bank account.

That’s why, these days, I’m choosing my words carefully and declaring myself a Chief Marketing Strategist for Entrepreneurs.

I’ve built dozens of brands from scratch, created businesses (profitable businesses) from nothing and teach my clients on a daily basis how to look at things from a different angle to increase their sales and, ultimately, help their businesses flourish.

My services are expensive, I get it. But the best part about working with me, or someone with my unique skill set (there aren’t really that many of us and none with MY specific background) is that you not only get someone who can create the right strategy for building your brand, business and bank account, you get someone who can execute on those strategies for you AND find the right people to supplement the execution (ex: the actual DOING of the strategy) as needed.

For example, a client of mine, a high-profile influencer, wanted to create a challenge to promote their new course.

They had an idea for the challenge but that was it — no content for the challenge, no images to promote the challenge, no emails for the challenge, no landing page copy.

In 45 minutes, we had a FULL promotion outline AND a rough draft of the images (also known as “creative”) needed to promote the challenge.

Forty. Five. Minutes.

In an hour and a half, we had the full landing page copy and basic themes for each email.

That level of speed only comes with years of experience and the guarantee there? The guarantee is that the content will be produced the right way, using the tactics YOU need to succeed.

The other guarantee? It will cost you half as much and deliver at least 2x as much in terms of success because if something isn’t working, there are many, many more tactics to deploy in real-time — giving you the best possible chance at success.

The moral of the story here is if someone in marketing offers you a guarantee, be skeptical. They are offering a guarantee that they can’t actually deliver on and that can be a costly mistake for your business and bank account.

The challenge is to understand what success truly is in this space and I’m offering you three key performance indicators for determining if your social media marketing and overall marketing efforts are truly moving your business forward.

More Followers, Influence and Audience

This is an easy way to measure if your Facebook Ads (and Twitter, Pinterest, etc) are working — if you’re getting more followers and a larger audience for your newsletter and group, your efforts are working.


Sales and leads for your business are a great way to tell if your marketing efforts are working. If you’re doing a print ad, you want to make sure you’re getting the impressions you were promised and this also rings true for social media ads. It is MUCH easier to track these on the digital side of things and important to remember that when deciding where to invest.


Every single time I tag a brand — from SoulCycle to the Backstreet Boys — I get a RT, favorite, like or mention.

Every. Single. Time. That’s because I’ve worked hard to not only create a brand that looks legit but also one that holds weight. It is important to measure your success in marketing efforts by how many people are reaching out to you for podcast features, Instagram highlights and more.

How do YOU measure key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business? What do you consider before you invest in marketing efforts?

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