I really effed up this time.

Sure, I built a six-figure business in six weeks. Earned six figures in six months of my second year and am on track to continue to earn multiple six figures in my third year in business but boy oh boy did I screw something up.

When it came to my content and my websites, I screwed up royally by separating out my sites and diluting my web traffic.

Why This is a Big Mistake

As you build your business as an entrepreneur, it’s important to consider your long-term diversification of monetization strategy. For me, a big piece of that strategy is books and speaking gigs. I’m already speaking internationally and my first book is going to be available on Amazon as of March 15-ish, but my long-term goals require that I create as large of an audience as possible (which I am ROCKING!) to leverage for these long-term goals.

Analytics Matter

Followers are a business goal. They will never, as I have shared with thousands at this point in my career, translate to 1 to 1 sales or clients, but they will help you with brand recognition, indirect sales and word of mouth sales. And, for anyone with aspirations of TED talks, book tours and hit podcasts/web series, audience development is key to getting investors interested.

Web traffic is also a big piece of this pie. We spend so much time talking about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that we often forget the big piece our website plays in our brand recognition.

For newbie entrepreneurs, a landing page is a great place to start — no matter how “new” your brand and business is, collecting emails is the most important thing you can do… while growing one or more social platforms.

I often recommend that the email list + Instagram are the two top priorities for any new business or brand — that allows you to give users a sense of your style as well as send them to your site to start increasing your traffic AND collect valuable user data to be used in the future.

Don’t Make the Mistake — Keep it All Under One Roof with Redirects

Having multiple URLs per brand is key to brand success. And there’s nothing wrong with it as long as all traffic leads to the same place. Working with an online business manager (like me!) who has an understanding of the key elements needed when it comes to creating a larger community and succeeding in ALL of your goals is one of the best ways to avoid this mistake.

Best of All? I make ALL of my clients keep their content compact!

And so, in conclusion in this true confession, I must say that it is more important than ever to take your own advice, even when you know — strategically — why you’re separating your brands, take the advice I should have taken from myself — keep it all under one digital roof and be happier in the long run.

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