Today, we’re going to Get Informed about the best way to pick up a side hustle as a cubicle warrior.

Welcome to the podcast! I’m so happy to share this project with you. I’m Victoria “Vix” Reitano and I’m your host.

I’ve spent the last decade of my life getting informed, connected, hired and inspired by the people, things and communities around me. From my days as a local reporter, I’ve focused on finding the ONE thing I need to get ahead and discovered in the process of getting that, I opened the door to so much more.

You can get the life you want. You can get the flexibility you crave. And you can get all of your wildest dreams.

The secret?

A little bit of luck, a lot of persistence and a toolbox of skills (and connections) that get you from step a to b and through the rest of the alphabet.

Are you ready? Good, let’s get started.


Let’s get informed about what a side hustle is and how you can get one.

Anyone can have a side hustle — yes, anyone! Cubicle warriors, that means you! Even entrepreneurs can have a side hustle as an influencer and there will be some resources for that in the show notes!

First things first, let’s decide what type of services you want to offer.

There’s Wag for dog walkers, Alfred (correction!) and TaskRabbit for people who love organizing and errands, Growth Geeks and Cloud Peeps for the digitally savvy and Say Werk and Working Nomads for those who want to get this flexibility full-time.

Once you decide what services you’ll offer, you need to think about pricing. Do some research on to see what the full-time rate is for these services and then do some research on individual providers pages to understand what the going market rate is. If you’re working with an established service, you may not have much leeway when it comes to your fee, but it’s still good to have an understanding of the market you’re entering to get the best rate possible.

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Create a price sheet — Google is a great place to start — you don’t even have to do a complicated search, just search in images and get a sense of what types of one sheets people are creating in your chosen side-hustle field.

From there, create a way to market yourself. For most of you, it will be on social media with Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. For some, it will be physical brochures. Maybe you’ll need to do some print advertising or send an email to your contacts to get the side-hustle you want.

A State of the Union email is perfect for this type of search — it starts with separating your contacts into groups based on their level and power in their professional lives. Then, create 2-3 different emails based on how many groups you have. One email should be for individuals who can hire you, one should be for individuals who can recommend you and one should be for people who know people to get you the job. Simple, right?

From there, make sure you BCC everyone and send individual emails to people who you think might be really ready to hire you. Those people should get a custom email, with their name and specific examples that relate to what THEY are looking for. You don’t want to send the dog walking email for Joe to Cindy who is looking for a baby sitter!

These are simple ways to get connected and stay connected to the right people in your network AND get informed about what exactly you need to do to find a side-hustle you love.

Next week, we’ll talk about getting connected online to build a strong network offline.

That’s all for this week, wishing you tons of success in getting everything you want to create a life you want.  

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