Happy June! Summer is in full swing, although, you wouldn’t know it from the weather we’re having here in NYC. I often find the rain to be quite cleansing and inspiring… but I know that’s not the way everyone feels.

Before we dive in, I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and shared feedback with me! I am so appreciative of you and the fact that you’re following my journey! I promise to keep these podcasts coming and, maybe, just maybe, give you a few laughs along the way.

Laughter does make things a lot easier, right? I am the Queen of self-deprecating humor and have used it time and time again in interviews, meetings and when I fall UP the stairs… do that as you’re walking into a media briefing as a reporter and then tell me about being embarrassed!

We can usually recover from anything if we simply get up and put a smile on our face… but that’s not always so easy.

I mean, think about it — if you’re at a party, who do you want to talk to? The person sulking in the corner or the person animatedly connecting with dozens of people.

Being in your space, in your zone of genius and owning it is what leads to being comfortable in any environment. Again, not always an easy thing to do.

Comfort zone is something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this week. If you don’t know — and you should from my Instagram Stories, Vix in the City on ALL social platforms — I’m really into SoulCycle. This July will be my 5-year anniversary of riding and in the last three years, I’ve really stepped up my game.

Being comfortable for me means being ridiculously good at whatever I’m doing. And MAN was I good at SoulCycle.

I could tap back push-up and hit the sexy corners for days… ok, maybe not days, but definitely for at least 90 minutes and for many days in a row.

And now? Now we’ve got new bikes and I was losing it on Saturday. The handlebars were wobbly, I felt like I was too close to the bike… it just didn’t feel like the bike I had come to love. The bike where I felt like anything was possible.

The first time I clipped into my SoulCycle bike, all I could think about — beyond how hard it was — was that I was FINALLY home. I had searched for something to give me that mental clarity that I had come to love in my post-college years of Hot Yoga and this was it! Of course, as a 24 year old, I didn’t exactly have the cash-flow to sustain my new habit.

Back then, to me, the only reasonable thing to do was to take on side-hustles so I could afford to ride as many times as my little heart desired.

You could say, in a way, that my desire to be good at soulcycle and comfortable in a space where I felt so out of place helped me build my company.

You could also say that the determination I’ve had for the past five years to get back on the bike — no matter how uncomfortable I’ve felt — is what helps me stay positive in all of the communities I frequent each and every day… and I’m not just talking about offline communities.

What’s your version of this? Can you think of it and hold it in your mind’s eye? Good. Now, think about what happens when you haven’t gotten to enjoy it or if you feel “off your game.” How do you cope?

THAT feeling is what we’re talking about today.

Think about how many people you party with on a DAILY basis through your social media communities. The possible reach is TRULY huge.

But you won’t reach any of them if you’re too busy focusing on how uncomfortable you are.

Being comfortable is what literally brings opportunities directly to your doorstep — followers are just clients you haven’t signed yet!!

Stepping out of our comfort zones online looks a lot like posting videos or sharing Instagram stories… maybe it’s about posting more behind-the-scenes content or showing the before and after of a particularly “perfect” photo.

Behind the scenes is what sets YOU apart from your competition on social media. You are giving your community access to content only YOU can share with them. Could 500 other people be sharing the exact same thing at the exact same time? Yes, but they aren’t you. They don’t see the world as you do, experience the event as you do. Their eyes are not your eyes.

The experiences we have on a daily basis shape how we interact with the world — which is why the SoulCycle bike change was so hard for me to cope with.

I don’t feel invincible on the bike anymore… in fact, I feel a lot like that 24-year-old who just got the big job and the life she dreamed of wayyyy before she had planned to. I feel like a fish out of water.

But I’ll share a secret with you — are you ready?

Ok, here it goes — it always gets better.

Today, I felt a little sexy when I tapped it back and a lot stronger in my push-ups.

And since I’ve started going outside of my comfort zone in my business? Well, I’ve seen a lot of things shift.

Comfort is such a… cozy word. It makes me think of fires, sweaters, beach blankets and ice cream in the lifeguard chair with an oversized sweatshirt. It is safe, happy and hopeful.

But being in that zone is not always where I want to be. I live for the rush of a challenge — that is the wind in my face on a ferry ride with the City I love so much rising up before me… it’s running through the last steps of the race before you can safely cross the finish line… it’s coming home after a long day and finally setting the tatas free.

Yes, it is just as good as that.

In social media, there must be all parts of you that are shared with your audience — I’ve been experimenting with sharing more of my personal life with my community and the result shave been spectacular! It’s amazing how many people can relate to what we often feel separates us from the whole.

Go out on a limb this week and try sharing one uncomfortable piece of content with your audience — I dare you!

And best of all, I’m happy to support you — connect with me on social and tag me — I’d LOVE to see what makes you feel comfortably uncomfortable.

Get inspired by these actions and know that no matter what happens, you’re on the path to getting all of your wildest dreams.

That’s all for this week! Be bold, be true, be you. You’ve got this.

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