Finding your community on social media, for a personal brand especially, isn’t as hard as you might think it is. The best way to do it is to determine what you like about the way your personal “social media stars” handle their brand. The only way to increase engagement is to increase interactions and organic discoverability for your posts. Organic Reach on Facebook is the best way to determine if your posts are reaching a broad audience… and then you can evaluate the engagement rates per post (like, share, comment) to see if your followers are responding to the content you’re posting. Eyeballs is important but if you’re selling a product or focusing on page views, you want to hit the right eyeballs as well.

Find 3-5 Model Accounts

Look at the accounts you follow. Find 3-5 people, brands and/or celebrities that you like on each platform.

Figure out WHY you like these accounts

Figure out what it is that you like about these accounts. Is it the way their page looks? The tone of the written content? The way they interact with their community? Write these down as a guide to what you want your personal brand to be.

Create your own content series based on these attributes

Find a content series that is uniquely yours and then test out some of these interactive methods and/or visual preferences. See if the audience you’ve “claimed” as yours responds.

Test, Test, Test!

Post. See if these posts work. If they don’t? Go back to the drawing board and see what works for YOUR audience. You may have to continually refine your audience as you work with your digital brand or even, re-brand in order to better establish yourself as an expert in your field.

One thing you can test today? Try using EMOJIs in your tweets and Instagram posts. You can even hashtag with an emoji on Instagram. See if it brings new people to your community.

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