Taking a break for the holidays has become an essential part of my routine and you know what? I gained followers.

That’s right — I took a break from my regular posting schedule during a time when most people are taking some time to enjoy things offline and it didn’t hurt my brand.

Want to know the secret?

Scheduling and transparency.

I was not only 100% transparent about the fact that I was going to be less connected during the holidays, I also scheduled posts and actively posted on ONE social network. Managing ONE social network is a lot better than feeling the pressure of posting on multiple networks per day + checking your email — AND it didn’t hurt my brand.

In the cases where I didn’t gain followers, I also didn’t lose followers and it proved my point — everyone is burned out at this point. Everyone feels the stress (good + bad) of the end of the year and so engagement was actually down across the board.

Did you get a chance to take a holiday hiatus? If not, you can still create some space and time for you to step away from the digital beast with these three simple tips:

  • Schedule your posts: Take a planning day two-four days before your vacation begins and schedule posts for your vacation period. If you’re going away for more than one week, you may need several planning days so adjust your calendar accordingly.
  • Be active on one network, if that works for you: Being active in real time on one network allows you to showcase the “fun” side of your brand AND it also allows you to be spontaneous, which can help you grab new followers that you may not reached at your normal social media posting cadence. If being active on one network seems to be too stressful, tell your followers where they can find new, scheduled content (ex: send them to your blog on days when you know new content will surface) and that will have the same effect.
  • Setup an out of office on your personal email: Email is the biggest time suck on the internet. It’s almost as bad as hour-long meetings. Why? Because email takes time out of your day in a haphazard kind of way — if you’re not checking your email in blocks, you should (and stay tuned for a blog on productivity hacks!!). Taking time off email allows you to be much more creative and helps you find inspiration on your terms. Share a cell phone number and advise clients and colleagues to text with emergencies.

How did you celebrate the holidays this year? Tell me what tips you want me to cover in my blogs this month!

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