3 Things Having a Competent Business Coach Taught Me About Coaching

3 Things Having a Competent Business Coach Taught Me About Coaching

Coach is someone who pushes you forward, helps you solve problems and creates new opportunities that you may not see when you’re so close to your brand, project or offering. But sometimes? Sometimes they’re complete and total bullshit artists who don’t know a thing. Other times? They are brilliant, magical unicorns who transform your business. I’ve dealt with both in my fempreneur journey and this is a tale of the unicorn.

When I launched CreatiVix Media, I was 27 years old. I “only” had a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (in PRINT journalism of all things), about 8 years of experience under my belt and a whole lot of questions.

The marketing piece, the content piece, the fixing piece? All of those pieces were firmly on my puzzle board.

Even the contracting, closing and business hustling pieces were covered.

And yet, thanks to the conversations in the entrepreneur circles I started to frequent, I felt I was lacking. Lacking the “sparkle” that seemed to make these entrepreneurs validate their highest stars.

There are some things you do in business for market research — download competitors’ opt-ins, understand what the community is looking for in terms of formatting, presentation and so forth… this isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the constant conversation around coach validation.

Even someone as strong as I am, with the credentials I have, fell into the trap.

I’m sharing this to tell you two things — your Side Hustle Success Story IS waiting for you. And I cannot guarantee many things but I can tell you that I have never steered a client wrong. Things don’t always work but the tests are always so tied to their overall intentions that we get to the goal one way or another and that is the beauty of a good “Vix.”

And how did I figure out those two things? By having a competent business coach.

I don’t believe that people do things maliciously… well, I don’t believe all people do things maliciously. I think some people do but, overall, I think many “incompetent” business owners are just misled themselves by others. It is a pervasive mentality that can hurt entire industries if we are not careful. This post is not about this. This post is about three things you can learn if you find the GOOD people, the unicorns in the sea of sameness, the diamonds in the rough.

I spent the last six months working with Lacey Craig of A Lit Up Life in her Partnership Program. The program is simple — it’s an innovative way to look at coaching — no up front costs, only 15% of income earned during the length of our engagement.

That seemed easy enough. I knew I’d be able to make the money I needed if I had someone on my team. Here’s what else I learned:

Being High Level Pays Off

Working with Lacey was a joy because I didn’t just have someone on my team, I had someone who spoke MY language. I was able to quickly implement the things we discussed — revamping my website in 3 hours in one case — because I had the high-level knowledge and ability to do that. Implementation and execution of ideas is often where coaching felt hollow for me. I wanted someone who would be like my editors of old and Lacey, because she too understood and respected the power of content, was able to provide that quick volley back and forth.

Execution is Key

The ability to execute and quickly (if not immediately) test the things we discussed in our sessions was key. Many entrepreneurs hire coaches expecting them to build their emails and actually do the work of creating their content — and that’s not what business coaches do (however, I’m working to add that to the mix in an innovative way with MY new coaching practice!). What business coaches typically do is share templates for you to implement and keep you on task. They’re a great project manager, something ALL entrepreneurs need. That’s where masterminds come in as well once you’ve got the nuts and bolts down. Execution is a huge missing piece in the space and it took working with a truly competent and confident business coach (Lacey Craig of A Lit Up Life) to learn that and to see how I can help innovate in the space with MY strengths.

Creative Takes a Backseat

This is something I knew going into business coaching but also a theory that was tested and confirmed. Creative does not just mean the act of being creative it also refers to individuals who ARE creative and serve in creative job functions. Creatives (the people) make terrible entrepreneurs because they LOVE creating so much that they’re often willing to undersell themselves, which is bad for business. Being someone with both sides in my mind has been the greatest challenge of my life — understanding how to harness it was how I wrote my #SideHustleSuccessStory and now? Now I coach others to do the same… actually, I’ve been coaching others to do the same for nearly 6 years now, but it took working with a brilliant coach to understand that.

The moral of this story? Hire the right coach for YOUR point in the journey, when you’re ready to do so, not because someone else said you SHOULD.

Working with Lacey allowed me to see that I was qualified and ready to jump into a space I had rejected because it was by INNOVATING in that space that I had previously rejected that I could truly serve people with my level of expertise, connections and more.

Lacey is the queen of innovation and I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking for a coach that gets you and can help get you to open yourself up to the possibilities for YOU to innovate in YOUR industry. We’re not an island, working with others who are competent and qualified makes a HUGE difference in our businesses.

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