Love Languages and How They Apply to Being Wildly Successful in Business

Love Languages and How They Apply to Being Wildly Successful in Business

Facebook groups are wonderful sources of connection and inspiration, especially when you’re lucky enough to work from home. (Yes, I said lucky enough; that’s a topic for another blog!).

This week, I spent some time cleaning out the groups I belong to, finding new ones and leaving those that no longer served my interests and goals for 2017. ACTION is my word of the year and it is ACTION that I have been taking to slay my goals!

Anyway, one group, in particular, gave me a bout of inspiration this week that I wanted to share with you. Something I unpacked during meditation and self-care rituals this week that I know will help you become wildly successful in your professional life and, perhaps, in your personal life as well. After all, if you’re unhappy at home or work, it does tend to creep into other areas of your life.

This week, Lacey Craig, of A Lit Up Life and The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur Group on Facebook shared a Facebook Live where she mentioned the languages of love for business.

Immediately, my brain started thinking of how we could relate this to our professional relationships and here’s what I came up with.

Step 1: Take the Quiz

It’s super quick and mobile-friendly so you can take it on your phone. Click here to take the 5 languages of love quiz  — don’t worry, I’ve set it up so this browser tab will stay open and you can come right back and read the rest of this post after you have your love languages down!

Step 2: Self #Werk

After you take the quiz, you’ll get an email detailing your five love languages. For me, the biggest language of love is affirmations.

These are the questions I asked myself, and my answers:

What does that mean for business? It means I want to know I’m doing a good job and have the proof to showcase to prospective clients. It means building a case study deck on my week off was a massive act of self-love.
What does that mean for my ideal client? I go out of my way to make sure my clients are heard… but what if they need to be heard in a different way? What if they need to be shown?
What does that mean for my digital content? One of my goals this year is to move my digital influencer/expert status forward (CBS and TODAY are nice creds but I still want GMA!! Which is why I’m doing more blogging here and on my personal blog) so how do I build content that my audience — women looking for flexibility in their lives and careers — responds to it.

Some questions for you to ask yourself:
How does this relate to the way I work with my team?
How does this relate to the way I interact with clients and their teams?
What changes can I make to the digital personas (More on that in this video) I write to when building my content calendar?
How can I build love languages into the visuals I share for my brand?
How can I incorporate it into my self-talk?

Step 3: Stop Shoulding on Yourself

Looking at what my “affirmations” status means, I could easily see that I received love through words and praise (duh, words have been my life… forever!!!!) AND by having someone say they appreciated me, loved me, etc. And realized that a big part of any “struggle” I have is telling myself I should do something or should be something or should act a certain way.

And then BOOM, it all clicked.

Love Languages for Client Personas are the NUMBER ONE way to bring more of your ideal client into the fold AND to reach your ideal consumer for digital content.


Because if you communicate with them in the way THEY want to be loved, they will feel the intense sense of personal connection that is essential to a solid digital brand that converts.

Now that I had this information, I spent a few more meditation sessions unpacking it and came up with these five action steps:

  1. Re-write the personas with the two love languages that I THINK are most relevant to my audience in mind: You should be able to easily do this and, if you can, get one or two of your most aligned clients to take the love languages quiz for you so that you have data to back up your gut.
  2. Create Content that Speaks to Strengthening Your Voice, First: In order to find flexibility in business, my ideal audience needs to believe she is worthy of having what she desires. She may desire more time to be with her kids and therefore feel guilty that she’s not “hustling hard enough” or she may want to go after her dreams and worries that she’s not focused on “traditional values” enough or she may wish she were a millennial but know that time of being a digital native is behind her and feels lost in the sea of change. What do all of these women have in common? They all feel guilty about something. My content will speak to what they LOVE about themselves instead of what they fear.
  3. Re-tool my Gratitude List: I wrote about this on my personal blog but a gratitude list is a GREAT way to move forward. I’ve written out the types of clients I want, the types of fees I need to bring in and was able to then take clear ACTION to get there. Moving forward, my gratitude list will include specific examples (affirmations!) of my success and why I am grateful for it.
  4. Netwerk: Meet new people online, join some new groups (like mine, #justsayin), connect with others around you. Smile at the girl on the SoulCycle bike, say hello to the barista at Starbucks. If you allow yourself to “feel,” you’ll probably get a sense of what makes them light up and feel love which will allow you to cater to the other languages of love in a unique and personal way.
  5. Make it Personal but Don’t Take it Personally: One of my favorite instructors said this in class this week and I almost lost my voice from screaming! YASSS, girl, YASSS! Business, analytics, love, affirmations, relationships — many women who are my ideal content consumer will take things personally. Why? Because I do! And your first (and best) client persona is YOU (especially if you’re an entrepreneur) — so talk to you, first. Evaluate everything that happens to you through a personal lens but don’t internalize it in a way that hurts — for 2017, we will not “should” ourselves!And now? Now I want you to go out into the world and try it.

Report back to me on this blog or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’d accept carrier pigeons but Fiona might think they’re for her and that probably wouldn’t go over so well.

February is not only about Facebook, I’ve decided it’s also going to be about Love. Loving the way you work, the elements of YOUR life that YOU deem are nonnegotiable and the way YOU make money.

Because after all, one of my favorite mantras is “I love money and money loves me” and I can’t think of any better love language (for me!) than that.


Image provided by Fempreneur Stock Photo Library.


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