So You Want To… A New Content Series



Dah, dat, dah… do the hustle!

Sometimes, I have to say, having a successful side hustle really feels like the mid-70s classic that my parents always referred to when talking about the “good old days.”

I’ve done A LOT of hustling… and I still do! Being a business owner means that your side hustle is now building YOUR business instead of whatever it is you do to make money.

So how do you manage it? With personal lives, needs and priorities? With client needs? With the need to push forward as fast as possible?

You plan.

I decided to leave my last full-time corporate job last June. I didn’t realize until I quit that that’s what I was doing, but it was. I started the journey because I wanted to buy a few more SoulCycle classes and go to happy hour four times a week. I’m young, single and it was summer in the City, it needed to be celebrated.

I picked up one freelance gig, and another, and another… until I matched my six-figure salary. In eight weeks, I went from working for someone to working for something. I called the shots and boy oh boy did it feel good!

That’s not everyone’s story and that’s not the point of this blog at all, actually. Because it’s what I did in building my business AFTER I launched CreatiVix Media that gave me the system I’m about to share.

So You Want To… Have a Successful Side Hustle

First, decide WHY you are side hustling. Is it to pay off debt? To stay active at a job you’re not super fond of at the moment? To just have some extra cash? Sit for 10 minutes and figure out what’s motivating you to do this.

Second, decide HOW you can do it. What do I mean? Well, will you work at night? Will you work on the weekends? Will you work before work, after? What’s the best time for YOU to be productive? I tried a bunch of things and then settled on working for companies that were in different time zones so I could work after my full-time job in the Eastern Time Zone and, also, before I went into work (it was the summer, I was high on Banana Boat!?).

Third, define your worth. How much is this gig worth TO you? From there, you can determine how much you’re willing to accept for the job.

Fourth, should you learn any new skills? Would you be able to command more money if you, say, oh, I don’t know, learned how to build a WordPress site? (We’ve got a program for that!). Would it be helpful to learn a new program? What’s the fastest way to earn money without leaving your comfort zone (in the beginning)? Ask yourself all of these questions before deciding on your side hustle of choice.

And finally, step number five, try it! If it doesn’t work, try it again. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen Glantz over the weekend and she said something that really stuck with me — fail, try to fail every, single day.

Because, if you think about it, it’s IN the failure that you learn the lesson and, maybe, just maybe, your true joy too.

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