5 Reasons Why Every Online Entrepreneur Needs a Project Manager

5 Reasons Why Every Online Entrepreneur Needs a Project Manager

Project Manager: the people in charge of a specific project or projects within a company. As the project manager, your job is to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on.

Ok, so now you know the definition of what a project manager is, but you may be thinking Why do I need one? How can they help my online-based business? How can they help my coaching practice? Project managers get ‘er done. They keep YOU on task, hire/manage your team and make sure that your marketing is on point.

In other words, they #VixFix your business.

I am a project manager, even though that’s not technically what I call myself. Let’s face it, the best part of being an entrepreneur is being THE BOSS and THE BOSS gets to call herself whatever she damn well pleases.

For this #FierceFemale, titles aren’t important — what matters to me are the skills and services I can execute for clients.

In order to do that, CreatiVix Media has brought on contractors with a very particular set of skills… a Vix set of skills.

What the heck does that mean? It means every contractor that works on my team has (almost all) of the skills I have or some combination of the skills I have.

Why is that important? Because a project manager — and, better yet for you, a team of them — can get things done efficiently, expertly and on time.

Here are the 5 reasons why every, single online entrepreneur needs a project manager:

1. Marketing Calendars: So you want to create and sell a course. Maybe you just want to grow your list. All of these things need to be planned. Who better to make a plan than someone used to managing a project from start to finish? Or someone who has been trained by an expert Vix to do it? We make sure that there is a system to execute your plan and that everyone on the team — from CreatiVix and beyond — sticks to the plan to get the job done.

2. Landing Pages, Email Sequences, Webinars: All of these require a plan each and every time you want to execute one. How far in advance should you start promoting the event? What type of conference line should you use? Do you need a powerpoint? A project management team can not only answer all of these questions, they probably have several different versions you can tweak and use immediately.

3. Execution: This is where my favorite title comes in – digital producer. I produce digital content. It means I actually execute the build of landing pages, email sequences and more… and that I’ve taught my team members to do that, too. Why does this matter? Online entrepreneurs need things done quickly and a one stop shop like CreatiVix Media provides that.

4. Time Management: When I project manage myself, I am able to block 2-3 hours and create an ENTIRE month of content!

5. Best Practices: I’ve built my best practices from years of experience with every type of brand and talent you can imagine!! That means I have a slew of best practices on my hard drive (both digital and mental) waiting to be used.

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