Whether you’re a courageous careerpreneur, navigating the 9-5 or a fearless entrepreneur, working for yourself for the very first time, everyone gets into a rut with their business and career. EVERYONE! Anyone who says they haven’t is lying. And they may very well be lying to themselves but you don’t have to believe them. Why? Because no matter where you are on your journey, there are slow periods that can be downright exhausting!!

What’s a Badass Boss to do?

Take a Mental Health Date.

Mental Health Date: An activity that takes 2-5 hours and allows you to unwind. It is not something you must do but something you choose to do. Examples include spa pedicures, leisurely walks in a park and quality time with a good book on your couch. Cousin to Mental Health Days but most effective when a full-day is unsustainable at any given point in time for any reason.

As a kid, I used to take Mental Health Days off of school. I continued the tradition through college and in many of my 9-5 jobs as I climbed the corporate ladder. I would take myself out to breakfast, to a second workout class for the day, to the movies. Most times, the events I chose simply unfolded as the day happened, a blissful way to spend time with your number one fan (YOU in case you were wondering).

In my first six months as an entrepreneur, I realized that taking a full day would not provide the benefits I had come to know and love. Because if I actually convinced myself to take a full day, I’d be jumpy and agitated, worried about what was waiting for me in my inbox. So I started to experiment with Mental Health Dates.

Now, as I round third on my last quarter of my second full year in business for myself, I can say hands down that these Mental Health Dates have greatly contributed to my success (my multiple six-figure success).

The best way to take one is to set an away message on your email, saying that you will be out of the office for a few hours and will return emails later in the afternoon. Once you’ve had a few MHDs under your belt, you can experiment with just wrapping your day a bit early and simply allowing yourself to enjoy the blissful unknown an afternoon date with yourself can bring.

The key here? Not checking your email. That’s why it’s important to have a separate system — BEYOND texting — for your clients to contact you. To keep them out of your personal space when you’ve decided to take some time IN your personal space for enjoyment.

And then? Then it’s all about the activity you need most at that moment in time. Sometimes it’s lunch with a friend or a good book, other times it’s nap or an organization session.

Whatever it is, make sure YOU take the time YOU need to succeed… and don’t let your mind convince yourself to use this time for personal work… that is another conversation altogether and has nothing to do with a MHD.

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