Creating content isn’t easy, but there are a few ways to make sure you’re targeting the right people AND sharing the right message.

When you are building a social media campaign (that is, a series of posts to announce an event, an editorial calendar for the month or a launch series), you need to figure out the best pieces of content in your “bag of tricks” to connect with your audience, share your message and get the desired response.

“5 W’s and an H” (It’s not just for grammar school!)

Who. Who is the audience? I learned from a colleague of mine to write personas. Personas help you figure out who your audience is. What do they do? Do they do SoulCycle everyday? Do they go to Starbucks? Do they wear clothes from the Gap?

What. What is the goal? Is the goal more followers? Getting people to the website? Newsletter sign ups? Opt-ins for a product or a program? Do u want them to buy something?

Where. Where are you leading them? Where is the path to achieve your goal? Do you want them to consume a piece of content on Twitter? Do you want them to watch a video on Twitter? Do you want them to retweet? Is the ultimate goal to keep them in the social network? Do you want them to comment on the Facebook posts?

When. Do I have a month to do this? Do I have 2 weeks? How about 2 days (we all know this is stressful!) Maybe you have a whole year?

Think about how long you have. The amount of call to actions you use per campaign cycle will depend on how long the campaign is.

Why. What resonates with this audience? What does this audience want to click? What kind of content does this audience consume?

This can go back to who they are and their persona. Thinking think about why they would click on something or why they would follow the path that you created is very important.

How. How are you going to do this campaign? Are you going to put it on Facebook? Are you going to put it on Twitter? How about both? Will Facebook advertisements be included? All of these pieces come together to help you figure out the different elements needed for your campaign.

You may have to go through this process several times to really nail down the key elements of your campaign — from images to logos to promotions — but this is a surefire way to nail the target demo every time.

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