Instagram Stories. Facebook Stories. Facebook Messenger Stories. And, of course, the original in this bunch, Snapchat stories.

How many stories can you share on a daily basis without losing your mind?

How many stories do YOU have to share to connect with YOUR audience?

That is the question you should be answering.

Sharing snippets of your day in real time is a great way to create a true connection with your followers. The whole point of social media, especially the more photo- and video- based platforms, is to show the behind-the-scenes elements of your life.

That’s what makes Influencers, celebrities and micro-influencers popular — they show the “real, real” and encourage their audience to do the same.

In an age where we want to consume content quickly and on the go, video content is king. That’s why these story sharing capabilities continue to pop-up in our favorite apps.

But you can’t spend ALL DAY sharing on these stories. And, if you try to share on ALL of them, your audience won’t have a reason to follow you on all platforms.

Here’s the best strategy for these new apps and capabilities:

Pick One: Figure out which audience should get your behind-the-scenes content. It could be Snapchat or it could be Instagram. Make sure that you evaluate how your audience interacts with story content on that platform. Once you’ve evaluated them for a week or so, choose one and make that the main platform for this content.

Circulate the Share: Just because your Snapchat audience or Instagram audience is most responsive to your stories doesn’t mean that you should NEVER share stories on Facebook or Messenger, it just means that the best content you have should be shared on your primary platform and then, once a week or so, share some juicy tidbits on the other platforms to circulate the shares with your other audience AND drive them back to the main platform.


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