The investment you make in social media — and marketing in general — is one of the most important investments you’ll make in business. How much should you invest? That depends on how quickly you want to get to success AND what success looks like for you, your business and your brand.

Social Media Marketing is something everyone can physically do but not something everyone can do well. And since it is my zone of excellence, I decided it was time to shed light on what the investment should be and what that will yield for your business.

Social Media is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your business. [Click to Tweet] It is also one area where most entrepreneurs and influencers under invest, resulting in low quality work and all sorts of stumbles along the way.

At CreatiVix Media, we charge between $1250-$10,000 per month for social media marketing strategy, management and content creation and curation. That’s a wide range and it is inline with most digital branding agencies. The CreatiVix Media difference? It’s a 360 approach so the value you’re getting is MUCH more than any other agency out there and, the best part? I, Vix Reitano, can actually DO all of the services my company offers. That means there’s no back and forth waiting for my “team” to get in touch with you.

The strategies I create for my clients not only focus on what’s actually being posted in the copy of their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, InstaStory (etc; we do it all, you get the idea) posts, but also the images, links, landing pages, email funnels and sales copy.

AND I focus on how these strategies will get you the digital PR you need to succeed.

Your followers are just clients you haven’t signed yet [click to tweet] but that also means that if you’re not engaging with them and showing up in the places (podcasts, blogs, newsletters, Facebook groups) where they hang out, it can seem like you’re just beating the drum in a vacuum. If no one is citing you as an expert, you cannot truly call yourself one.

What Does Social Media Marketing Include?

Social Media Marketing includes everything and anything shared by and for your business online to attract press and feature opportunities, to increase your followers, to sign clients and to create funnels and strategies to sell your offerings, services and programs. It is a way to use the free tools at our fingertips to strategically create buzz around you as an expert to fill your client list and keep the new clients coming in to your funnels for years to come.

How Does It Build My Business?

Social Media CAN, in 2017, make or break your business. [Click to Tweet] That’s why hiring someone who looks at it from a 360 perspective — with the question of “how will this make my client more money” at the forefront of her mind — is imperative. If you have someone who thinks it’s enough to drive traffic to your site and then leave you hanging, that’s someone that shouldn’t be in your business.

How Much Does it Cost for Social Media Marketing and Management?

Social Media Marketing is a tricky thing to price. Luckily, I’ve been side hustling long enough to know what the “right” range is.

That Seems Like What a VA Does, Isn’t It the Same?

Nope. A VA is brilliant and a wonderful investment. I work with a VA to get my posts into more Facebook groups where my audience hangs out. The best part about that is that I can focus on other activities while she supports me in this way. Investing in my VA (and you can check her out here) is one of the best things I’ve done for my business in 2017. It is why I’ve made 6-figures in 6 months, it’s why I have grown my email list by 130%. BUT she is not going to post for me if I don’t create content or create a clear strategy. VA’s offer support, guidance and execution but a Chief Marketing Strategist and her team (like the one I’ve created here at CreatiVix Media!) will not only do all of that, they’ll also find strategic ways to quickly and efficiently convert the traffic you’re getting by looking at the whole picture as part of your monthly investment! If they’re doing it right, they’ll even write your email content AND schedule it to give you the max ROI based on your level of investment in the hours they provide.  

What About Facebook Ads?

Most companies charge a minimum management fee for Facebook ads ($250+) on top of 10-20% of your overall ad budget. At CreatiVix Media, we see paid and organic social media as the only way to truly move forward (that’s how we’ve gotten massive results, like 147% in increased engagement on Facebook and per-post engagement on Instagram up 62%… in four weeks or less) so we don’t charge any additional fees for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ads. We include those in the offering in every package of 20 hours per month or more.  

What About Digital PR and SEO/SEM?

Digital PR is often NOT included in social media marketing packages but, again, I built CreatiVix Media to be the “Vix” to the norm and so we do see digital PR as part of the strategy. That includes weekly pitches for features, podcast/radio appearances and guest posts, curation of influencers to engage with for paid and organic content curation opportunities (basically, when someone with a larger following than you shares, likes or comments on your post, photo or video), affiliate management and marketing programs to increase the reach of your content and so much more! Most Social Media Marketing agencies charge $2000+ just for strategy! That’s something to really think about before deciding your level of investment and who you’re investing with.

Are Images Included in Social Media Marketing Packages?

Not always but in our packages, we do include a certain number of images per social media platform in every, single offering we have. Often, the biggest results come from a clean branding image and, lucky for you, I not only have the Photoshop skills to get the job done, I’ve also got a team of talented illustrators and graphic artists to tap when needed — and pay them out of your monthly budget so there are no additional fees for recurring projects.

As you can see, social media offerings vary in what’s included, what’s not and how companies charge. The most important thing to remember is that you need to invest in what works for you. What will give your brand the biggest return. And what will actually turn followers into clients.

And for my clients? That’s a 360 strategy that also includes coaching. If you’re ready to learn more about why investing in a 360 strategy is right for you and how we can grow with you, click here to schedule a free call!


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