GoalGetting: The practice of creating reasonable, sustainable and successful plans for progress. — Vix Reitano

#Goals. #WeekendGoals. #LifeGoals. #SummerGoals. #BirthdayGoals. God, we’re goal-obsessed! We all (myself included) spend a lot of time thinking about setting our goals, but we rarely talk about the exact steps we take to actually get them. And that’s what this podcast and Web series is all about. Creating a life you want or designing a life you love IS about setting goals, but it is also about being fulfilled on the journey to getting them.

This is something I am going to focus on a LOT in the coming episodes and in all of my content because I think it is so vitally important and missing from so many conversations.

Fulfillment lies in the steps you take each and every day toward creating the life you want — from the ups, downs and sideways to learning how to pick yourself up when things go wonky, it’s about self-soothing and self-motivating and it’s about being flexible in the methods but not the destination.

In this podcast, I’ll share more about what Milestone Moments are, how to achieve them, how to focus on your skills to get the salary you desire and how to create a daily practice for positivity.

Some highlights:

  • 1:19 Why you have to like YOU first!  
  • 1:43 A guide to selling your skills, not your title
  • 2:30 Gratitude for what was… to move forward
  • 2:47 Speak your truth… without guilt
  • 4:39 Be the best advocate you can be
  • 5:10 Do the work
  • 5:27 Train Your Brain
  • 6:20 Celebrate the milestones




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