Keri Gavin is obsessed with human behavior, Universal Principles and all things joyful!  She is a self-proclaimed recovering people pleaser, recovering perfectionist and active whoopie pie and cupcake lover! She is a business and success mentor/coach that combines the science of the brain with the intuition of the heart to help soulful women entrepreneurs create more income and impact without the hustle and stress!

She chatted with me for AN HOUR about all things abundance, goal-setting (and #goalgetting, my favorite topic) and how to actually be ok with the phrase “you get to want what you want.”

Some highlights:

  • Understanding that money is a current
  • Keeping your current free-flowing toward you… and deflecting what you don’t want
  • Bringing in the good, leaving the bad… and not shaming yourself for any of your choices
  • How to connect with Keri and begin your reality re-write

Join us next week in her group, The Intentionally Aligned Entrepreneur on Facebook for more along these lines AND some free trainings! It all starts Monday, April 16, 2018. And if you’re listening to this after that? Join her group and mine, The Get Set, to learn about new offerings and so much more.

You can find Keri on Facebook, Instagram and her website.



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