Some highlights from our conversation:

  • Allyssa discusses how she found Vix as a mentor (1:00)
  • The importance of making sure you and your mentor/ mentee align (2:23)
  • Alyssa shares what makes a good mentor/ mentee connection (3:05)
  • Why getting connected with a mentee is important (4:30)
  • How age can change the mentor/ mentee relationship (5:25)
  • Why getting inspired goes both ways for mentors and mentees (6:30)
  • How the ever-changing market affects mentor/ mentee relationships (7:52)
  • Advice Alyssa has for people looking for a mentor (8:50)
  • The best piece of advice Alyssa has ever gotten about building her digital brand (9:05)

Connect with Allyssa Munro on Instagram and her website.



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