Getting hired often involves a salary negotiation and take it from me — someone who had 5 jobs in 6 years to get some of the biggest salary jumps possible — it’s not always an easy conversation to have.

Women aren’t making the same as men in the same positions, that much is clear. The conversation now must turn to what we’re going to do about it! These five tips and tricks have served me, my clients and my colleagues throughout the years and are tactics that we continue to evolve over time.

This article, that I wrote for Levo League in 2016, gives you some more things to consider as you get fierce about making the salary you deserve today and every day.

And remember, if we don’t #ask4more, the generations after us will have to ask for double!

Watch the full clip on The Get on YouTube here:

*Correction: Audio and video states that I wrote the Levo article in 2015 — it was actually published in 2016.



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