February is the month of love and loving yourself means loving the work you do. To bring more of what you love into your life, your digital brand might need a small refresh. Here are some ways to do that quickly and efficiently to call into your life the work you want and truly DIY your digital empire.

DIY Your Digital Empire. In case you didn’t know, I am slightly obsessed with all things do-it-yourself. From homemade stress balls to paleo breakfast items, DIY is a movement I can get behind.

When it comes to your digital footprint, you should constantly be looking for ways to optimize and improve. Just because February is almost over doesn’t mean the love stops here!


Photos are, for all social media and Web platforms, VERY important. Taking great photos is an art, but if you haven’t mastered that are, Unsplash.com is a great resource for free, photos that ARE licensed for commercial use.

About You

I still struggle with squeezing ALL of the things I do (and, more importantly, all of the things I want to do) in my digital biography. That’s why I built a personal blog site. Having a personal site allows you to share all of the things you can’t fit into an About on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but that doesn’t mean your digital about shouldn’t be full of as many positive items as you can fit into the character count. If you’re job-hunting or looking for new opportunities, that should always be front and center. And you content should focus on that about every 4th or 5th post, depending on how many times per day and week you actually post new content.


What is your brand identity? What is your brand voice? Color scheme? Preferred font? All of these things are part of your visual brand and, on social media, that’s what your audience and contacts see (and react to) before anything else. Do a bit of a Pinterest deep-dive into what kind of content you respond to and then start thinking about what colors make YOU feel good. In the beginning, this will be a lot of trial and error — your audience may not always respond to everything you like — but it will give you somewhere to start.

The most important thing about a visual reboot is to remember that YOU know your industry and your successes better than anyone else which is a good and a bad thing. It’s good because you’re able to create real results but it’s bad because you also may have (as I do!) a hard time getting out of the facts those IN your industry take for granted as truths and facts.

Take a little time to get out of your own head and you’ll be surprised by the content you’re able to create.

And remember, you were a newbie once, so write for THAT version of you and watch your brand blossom.

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