This episode shares a quick start guide to passive income through affiliate marketing by discussing influencers, affiliate networks and ways YOU can get started today.

Money. It’s power, freedom and something we ALL need. If we let it consume us, then we can truly be lost in an instant but if we find a way to control and respect it? That, my dear listeners, is the key to success.

Happy, happy last week of June! I am SO excited for the Fourth of July this year… the end of the month is always such an interesting time. For my clients, I’m evaluating what worked, what can be optimized and how we can deal with the “updates” that Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the social media networks have thrown into the mix.

It can be exhausting!

But it can also be so… exhilarating to see what worked and how well it worked. I’ve been sharing a lot of these updates live on my Instagram @vixinthecity, so if you haven’t checked that out, you DEFINITELY should.

How do you evaluate your success month over month, week over week and year over year? Well, for starters, it can be measured by the impact you’ve had on your clients’ bottom line — their bank account… which usually also translates to the impact you’ve had on YOUR bank account.

Building a business can be challenging but there are also lots of tactics you can use to get the funds you need to make the investments that will help you succeed.

And one of those ways is affiliate marketing.

You know I love me some SoulCycle. The best part about SoulCycle is the community… and that’s how I connected with Mark, @profitoverwage on Instagram. Mark and I started talking about affiliate marketing and I was amazed at some of the stats he shared.

In my mind, there are three ways to look at affiliate marketing if you are an online entrepreneur, especially if you are an online entrepreneur who coaches as part of their business offering.

Affiliate Marketing for Your Biz Tools

I’m a HUGE fan of the tools I use to run my business. From Sprout Social for social media reporting and scheduling to for Instagram scheduling and Ontraport for business client relationship management, landing pages and more, these tools LITERALLY help me run my business more efficiently which translates to better results for my clients and more choice about how I spend my time both in the business and personal spheres of my life.

When I started running my business, I came across a digital entrepreneur who focused on graphic design — she had a WHOLE page on her website dedicated to the programs and tools she used, which I later learned were all connected to her unique affiliate links.

Flash forward two years and I have a link for every single tool I use. I recommend them to clients, colleagues and friends — it fits perfectly into my “VixFix” brand — where I’ve got the fix for everything you need and it allows me to get credits (and, in some cases, cold, hard cash) for sharing the things I truly use and believe in.

The best part of this is that ANYONE can get started with this today. Almost every, single third-party tool offers some sort of affiliate or referral program — look into it and find a way to add this to your weekly social media marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing for Your Biz Contacts

This is what I refer to as Supercharged Influencer Marketing. If you’re sharing recommendations for your audience from your colleagues or business contacts, you’re doing affiliate marketing for those biz contacts. Editorial publications have been doing this for YEARS! Their writers recommend their own posts and their colleagues’ posts and BOOM more traffic. For editorial publications, more traffic equals more ads which equals more money and jobs for the writers and contractors.

It’s super simple to get started with these — and sometimes, you can even start an organic program with your Instagram Pod. An Instagram Pod is something I’ve talked about on my blogs ( and — basically, you find 5-10 people who are in similar industries and you share their products, services and handles to create more organic and authentic interactions. These have varying degrees of success and it is important to remember that as you get started, but overall, affiliate marketing for your business colleagues and contacts can be very lucrative.

The most lucrative one is Marie Forleo’s B-School and that’s a model to watch if you’re trying to create this for yourself. It’s also a great way to drum up business when you’re getting started, especially if you are comfortable giving away a portion of the contracts you’re referred — this is a great way to scale without hiring a true “sales” team.

Affiliate Marketing for Your Biz Vertical

This last piece of the puzzle is related to building your brand… and can also be related to building separate brands for the offers that are available. Facebook ads is a great way to run some of these cost per action (CPA) affiliate marketing campaigns AND sharing them in your email list, especially if they relate to your organic content buckets, can be quite successful. This is more closely related to true, strict Influencer marketing BUT doesn’t always have to be related to your zone of genius, which is something I’m learning more about and will report back as I continue to get informed about these new tactics, tools and strategies.

At the end of the day, you have to do what feels authentic to you. For example, I love building Facebook pages and running Facebook ads to grow the audience and/or to increase the organic reach, engagement and link clicks. This is something I am so passionate about — but, for me, I want to make sure that the offers I share with these audiences are completely in line with what they came to us for — and that is how I feel most successful. When I can give you, dear listeners, readers and followers, what YOU are searching for in a quick and easy fix? THAT is what makes my heart sing.

These three ways should give you some things to consider when getting started with Affiliate Marketing — and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! Search for my Facebook Group, DIY Your Digital Empire and join the conversation about all things to help YOU build and profit from your digital empire.

That’s all for this episode of The Get! In July, we’ll be adding interviews into the mix and I am SO excited to share the stories I’ve got lined up for you!!! I’ll be taking some time off around the fourth to recharge and get inspired so follow along on social media — @vixinthecity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I hope you take some time for a digital detox — it can truly save your life and your career… and after all, isn’t getting the career you want all about getting to make the CHOICES you crave?

Yes, yes it is.

Get out there and have some fun this week! Here’s to getting paid, getting inspired and getting the life of your dreams.

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