This episode helps you find the hacks you need to learn about expanding your skills, broadening your mindset and getting the information you need to succeed in all areas of your work, life and play.

We’re all fatigued by the internet. And that makes us make some pretty bad decisions. If you’re only reading content that you agree with, are you really growing?

Hello and Welcome to The Get. I’m your host, Vix Reitano. This podcast is a new content effort of mine, something of a passion project.

I’m a social media expert, media enthusiast and content strategy expert with a nose for news. Stories, in my opinion, are the only constant in this world — the give and take of information is what allows us to grow as a society as individuals, so why the hell are we fighting it?

This episode of The Get falls into our “Get Informed” category. Because how can you truly advance unless you’re getting properly informed about your options?

Yesterday, I was looking for a refresher on building a GIF in Photoshop. I knew there was a way to do it but I hadn’t done it for a minute so I couldn’t remember the exact steps to make it look the way I wanted it to.

I came across and Teela is an expert. I also came across a lot of other “tutorials” in my search and they were not experts. How did I know the difference?

Well, for starters, has a HUGE library of resources, that was my first indication that she actually knew what she was talking about.

And then, many of her resources built on one another — the ability to create a series is another indication of an expert.

And finally, if you’re really not sure — ASK THEM QUESTIONS!! A true expert should be able to expand on the topic and also offer you customized solutions.

If they can’t do that, then it might be worth looking into their background a bit more before you decide that they are YOUR guru.

Guru is something I’m also thinking about today… it’s #WisdomWednesday after all, one of the most popular trends on the Web. Last week, we talked about getting on the trending train and if you haven’t listened to that episode, you totally should. It’s a great 5-part exercise to help you identify what type of content will trend for you and how you can jump into other trends.

Which is why all of the clients I work with share some sort of content on Wisdom Wednesday related to the trending topic — but why is it popular?

According to Forbes, 59% of people will share a story without even reading it. Think about your own habits — how can get you get informed if you’re only reading 140 characters? OR LESS!!! Getting informed is about understanding the story behind the headline, which is something we SO rarely read.

And, of course, digital fatigue is real so, sometimes, it can be a challenge to read more than the headline, especially if you’ve had a long day of research.

What’s the solution?

Finding your own hacks!!! That’s why I created a new DIY Digital Hacks series on YouTube. I also use Newsletters and Podcasts to hack my way around the content that is coming at me each and every day. You do have to be careful here as well –> if you bookmark too many things, you can fall into the same trap of not really reading anything, but newsletters can be great, especially if you block time in your calendar to read them.

Some of my favorite newsletters are:

The Daily Carnage

The Lily by The Washington Post

Levo’s Daily Newsletter

MuckRack’s Daily Newsletter

Another great way to get this information? Podcasts! But you’re listening to this so you already know that!

Getting informed is about finding content that challenges any preconceived notions you might have and allows you to have a larger conversation. It doesn’t always feel great, but it is necessary.

I’d love to hear what YOU are reading these days and what newsletters and podcasts you’re listening to. Let’s connect in my FREE Facebook Group which you can find by searching for DIY Your Digital Empire.

I’m gearing up to do a series of interviews for this podcast and I can’t wait to share them with you!!!!

Don’t forget to subscribe and leave feedback on Apple podcasts, I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Get and what else you’d like to learn about.

Here’s to another week of expanding your skillset, knowledge and abilities so that you can get the life you want.

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