The word viral makes me want to vomit.

Hello there, if you’re new to the podcast, I’m Vix and I’m you’re host. Vix is a nickname I love because it most accurately describes all of the things I do for clients, friends and colleagues on a daily basis — I was, long before Olivia Pope existed, a fixer.

Social Media is my Fitzgerald Grant, if you’re a fan of the Scandal Series. If you’re not, the best way to understand what I’m trying to say is that I believe in the power of social media and do everything in my power to make sure that brands, entrepreneurs and influencers have the chance to succeed in marketing their services, products and expertise on all of the platforms.

And that is why “viral” makes me want to vomit.

When did the word for an incurable disease become a good thing?

You probably think you know what the word “viral content” means but there are hundreds of ways to accurately track and describe this. Why? Because every, single person has a different definition of success.

Working in house on daily talk shows, our definition of success is a lot different than when I work as an agency for clients launching a new physical product or a catalog of products.


Because business goals are different for every, single human on this earth.

If you’re listening to this, you’re probably interested in building your Digital Empire. I truly believe that is something ANYONE, regardless of their skill set, product or services, can DIY.

Do it Yourself — that’s content that always goes viral.

Why? Because it is a two-way conversation.

The audience, your guides, are looking for content to help them solve a problem.

The creator, that’s you, shares the solutions they need.

Anyone who sets out to create viral content will inevitably fail OR need to put a lot of advertising dollars in the game before they see the results they’re looking for.

Building your audience is the first step to DIY-ing your digital empire AND the first step to getting your ticket on the trending train.

The next step?

A deep understanding of your audience and what they are looking for.

You could also be on the trending train for a negative story or series of stories (like Uber and countless others) but that’s not really the ticket you want to invest in.

How do you actually do it?

I’m going to share a five-part exercise with you today to help you create — and find — content that sticks.

Step 1: Search

It starts with a good search — across several platforms. Start with Google Trends, research the terms people are associating with your brand or products (or both). Then, search your competitors. The express ticket is in what your competitors are doing, which should be monitored… within reason.

You shouldn’t obsess over what others in your space are doing because that’s like running after a train that has left the station, once it’s at top speed, it is very hard for a human to catch up.

Step 2: Find Your People

After you check Google Trends, jump into the social platforms, based on where your audience is. If you’re an online entrepreneur, your biggest audience is going to be on Facebook and in Facebook groups. If you’re a thoughtleader, Twitter is where you belong. Influencers? You should know this but Instagram is totally your party.

Step 3: Have You Been Here Before?

The key to finding trends is looking in all of the usual places… and then looking at their sister sites. So, if you’re used to following hashtag trends on Twitter, try following the same hashtags on Instagram and see where they lead. If you’re used to following the same 5-10 people on Twitter, see who they follow.

You will find a lot of trends this way and that helps you “jump” into those conversations.

Which is the business class ticket on the trending train — not quite first class or leading the pack, but definitely in the mix enough to be comfortable and see sizable returns in Web traffic, social media likes and follows and cold, hard cash.

Step 4: Y O U

Next, infuse the unique Y O U spirit that you’ve got into the trend. That’s how you will stand out from the crowd and get that unique upgrade to first class.

If you’ve ever traveled on a train, you know it’s not really like an airline where they’re handing out upgrades if you’re there at the exact right time… this one is more strategic.

Step 5: Missed the Train? Try Again Next Time

Don’t hold everyone else up at the station, just let this trend go and start building your assets for the next round.

Of course, you could pay to keep the train in the station but you have to have a clear understanding of how that will impact your business.

At the end of the day, there are many, many trending trains going in and out on a daily basis — and, these days, it’s more like every 10 minutes, running 5 minutes fast.

There will always be another chance and the more you practice, the better you’ll be.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Get. Today’s topic falls into our “Get Connected” category where we give you everything you need to know to stay ahead of the digital curve.

Stay tuned for more interviews in Get Inspired, practical job tips in Get Hired and ways to adult in Get Informed.

And if you have questions for me, don’t forget to find me vixinthecity on all platforms and visit my website, in the show notes, (, for more tips, tricks and ways for us to work together.

That’s all for this week — may the odds be ever in your favor as you try to catch your ticket on the trending train.



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