Some highlights from our conversation:

  • How Reina started her business and coaching to help people accomplish their goals. (0:32)
  • Her experience during coaching school, getting certified and what she learned from it.(2:43)
  • How taking a moment to slow down and listen to what we want is important. (3:32)
  • What types of coaching her and her company have to offer. (8:01)
  • How Reina uses the verticals method to stay true to her company and what makes it unique. (8:51)
  • Why she thinks a lot of people hide their creativity and how she tapped into her creative side. (12:17)
  • How to get connected with Reina and her company’s freebies. (15:00)

Connect with Reina on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her private Facebook Group!



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