Need it. Want it. Love it. Hate it. We all gotta have it. It’s what keeps the lights on and food in our bellies. It’s what brings the bacon to the table. As an entrepreneur, money is something you think about a lot. When you’re getting a steady paycheck, you don’t always think about hours for dollars, but when you become responsible for trading your time for dollars, you think about each and every minute of that hour.

It can be exhausting! And when you’re exhausted by it — or afraid of it — you can find yourself taking on projects you shouldn’t or giving discounts that don’t serve you OR your clients. At the end of the day, giving a discount on your service doesn’t mean the client gets more value — because who ever felt better about making less to do the same work?

So how do you stay grounded? How do you stay calm in the sea of clients, deadlines and seeking new business? Mantras! Even though my main business is social media marketing and digital brand management, I have found a lot of tips and tricks on my entrepreneur journey that actually help me create more content which, for me, means more wealth.

When I started this company, I was still working full-time to build up my savings. I, like many millennials, did not have a large savings account (I still don’t but it’s growing more than it used to!) and knew that in order to feel confident about starting CreatiVix Media (my digital media consulting company), I would have to match my six-figure salary. Match a six-figure salary? It was a daunting prospect. But I did it… in 6 weeks. I secured enough contracts to bring in 5 figures per month from Day 1 and I’ve continued to build and grow as the months have gone on. Now, we’re a team of 5 working on projects I would never have even imagined a year ago.

Mantras, they work.

I like to multitask. And we can debate the pros and cons of that for hours, but in an effort to stay efficient, I will tell you this — I was built to multitask. I was born to be a reporter and the skills I learned doing that job have served me in every, single aspect of my career and life. Being able to pivot from one voice to the next is an incredible asset in my business and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I didn’t hone my multitasking skills all those years ago.

That means my mantras need to be short, snappy and to the point. And, because I’m me, I like to make them rhyme… or at least seem as sing-song as humanly possible. Here are three tried and true money mantras to keep you grounded and put a smile on your face in the darkest days.

The clients I have are here to stay and the clients that are meant for me are coming my way! 

Money flows into my life with ease. Money loves me, I love money.

Money is coming my way, it is always on the way. 


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