This episode shares a quick exercise to help you effectively set goals you can realistically achieve so you can keep crushing it in life, work and play.

Goal-setting, like anything else, is a practice. Over the years, I’ve figured out the right practice for me and today, I’m sharing it with you. It’s something you can make personal without taking it personally.

Words have always been something that I felt connected to — you could be more visual or tactile so take that into consideration as you listen to this exercise as the way you establish the goals you’re setting is just as important as the goals you’re setting.

In college, the semesters helped me start this process. I used to set goals for myself by the first 10, 12 and 14 weeks. Sometimes, they were monetary goals, but more often than not, they were goals related to my career and establishing my brand on the Web.

You don’t have to be an online business to have a great digital presence, in fact, everyone in today’s world needs to pick one (or more) social networks in order to truly thrive.

Did you know that even Refinery29 (which I would argue is now a true digital publisher, with the likes of Huff Post and others) is now reviewing beauty products that your friends are selling online?

The other day, in my feed, I noticed that Refinery29 had an article with the headline “The Beauty Products You Should Buy from Your Annoying Facebook Friends.” Now, of course, if you follow The Get, you know that I share tips to help you Get Connected without being annoying (because who wants to be “that” annoying friend. (You could also join my Facebook group, DIY Your Digital Empire, to learn more about how exactly to market yourself online as a thought leader, business owner and side hustler).

The important thing about the Refinery29 story? Mainstream sources are now recognizing side hustles as a viable source of income AND are starting to talk about the products/offers in general conversation.

Which brings us back to the topic of today’s podcast. In order to achieve our goals, we must do three things:

  1. Get Inspired
  2. Create a timeline
  3. Take action

These bullets may sound simple or they may sound overwhelming. No matter how you’re feeling about it right now, hearing the words come out of my mouth, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and think of the goal you most want to achieve.

Maybe it’s something massive like buying a house — that’s one that needs to be broken down to monthly or weekly goals that you can easily achieve.

Maybe it’s growing your brand so you can increase your network and find new job offers — that’s also something that needs to have a timeline.

To start, think about what your goal is. Hold it in your mind’s eye and think about how accomplishing it will make you feel. This part of the practice is most impactful for me and most important — I find the longer I hold on to the image, I am able to clearly visualize decisions that take me closer to, and, more importantly, further away, from that goal.

Let me explain — I’m a creator — I see my memories as a film strip in my mind… as a series of pictures, sounds, colors and smells. My brain is a VERY visual place and I have always used Visualization as part of my goal-setting practice.

For you, it could be a memory tied to a song, to the feeling of sand between your toes, to a particular book or photograph in your home… to something you’ve placed on your desk or dresser. It could even be ONE word.

Visualization is one (very powerful) tool to define your goals and get inspired to stay on track and it is one that has been MOST effective for me on my journey — it’s how I quit my job in six weeks with a salary that matched my full-time salary in contracts. And that was no small task!

Ok, so, for me, the decisions I make that bring me closer to the goal help make the photo in my mind come into focus. The decisions that would bring me further away make the photograph fall out of focus.

This may sound a little “woo” but I PROMISE you, it works.

Next, setup a timeline — a realistic timeline.

I wanted to move to Manhattan at the age of 8. Clearly, that was a bit too early to pack up my American Girl Doll and my hand-me-down briefcase, but the intention was there, the visualization was there.

In high school, I used to pass the flower stands and imagine a day where I’d pick up flowers on my way home from work, or on a random Sunday.

Today, that’s my reality.

And I was able to have that be my reality at 24 years old.

If that’s not a powerful recommendation for visualization, I don’t know what is.

And, also, it shows that it doesn’t have to be some intense process — of course, when I set quarterly or yearly goals, I’ve found it’s best to do that without any distractions, but, in general, you can set goals and create a timeline with this visualization practice every, single second of the day.

After you determine the timeline, take action.

Do you need more money to make your goal happen? Take Action.

Do you need more time to make your goal happen? Take Action.

Do you need more patience to make your goal happen? Take Action.

Action is not always an active motion — mantras (like these on my personal Facebook profile; let’s be friends?) help me stay grounded in the timeline I have established and help me remember that even though it may seem slow, I am taking action every, single day to reach my goal.

And finally, the last thing you have to remember to do?

Have gratitude. I’ve always said a small “thanks” to the Universe, God, Ganesha (remover of obstacles, y’all!) when I accomplish one of my steps on the timeline and, of course, when I accomplish the big goal?

Well, then I pop the champagne, light some candles and smile to myself — the practice works but only if YOU work the practice.

Have questions about this? Have success with this? I’d love to hear it all. Join me in DIY Your Digital Empire to have a conversation about this OR shoot me a note on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Here’s to a week of goal digging and getting everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  

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