Content strategy is something you may be thinking about passively. Perhaps you think all pieces of content should have the same goal — sales and traffic to your site.

There are several objectives that can be achieved through social media marketing and it is important to remember this when you’re building out your content strategy, personas and editorial calendars.

Here are three common objectives and five ways to achieve each of them through social media marketing:

Objective: Sales

Can you sell through social media marketing? Of course. In fact, this is one of the most popular objectives for brands when they decide to expand their digital brand and presence. Why? Because it is very easy to track how many sales you generate from social media, specifically, and it allows you to quickly see what’s working and what’s not. It also gives you a better picture of your ideal client or customer and allows you to evolve your personas to respond to their needs.

5 Ways to Achieve Sales Through Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads
If you have a budget to play with, Facebook ads are a great way to sell products directly through Facebook. Drive users straight to the purchase page and remember to put the Facebook conversion tracking pixel on the thank you page.

Organic Facebook Posts
This is the most commonly used tactic on social media and one that requires you to have an active profile. For Facebook, it’s important to remember that you’re technically only allowed to sell through a business or public figure page as well, which is why we believe every CEO, entrepreneur, business owner and expert should have a public figure page.

Affiliate Marketing
We’ve talked a bit about passive income on this blog but this is looking at it from the brand perspective. As a brand, you can give your clients and customers a special code to share with friends or others in their network. This is a great way for you to generate sales at an affordable cost. It is also incredible authentic because your affiliates should be truly invested and passionate about your product.  

Referral Programs
This is similar to Affiliate Programs and can actually yield the same result for a member of the program but traditional referral programs can also feature added social benefits — and can be tiered. For example, you can ask someone to share with 5 people or 10 people before they earn the discount code. This further reduces costs and increases the amount of shares which then increases brand recognition.

Email Newsletters
Email newsletters are one of the best ways to sell to your audience, and to get them to truly convert. In order to effectively calculate the number of sales from email newsletter posts, you should have a separate sign-up page or link.

Objective: Conversion

Conversion means several things when it comes to social media marketing objectives. It can mean converting to a sale of a product or service, but since we covered that in the above section, the type of conversion we’re discussing now relates to newsletter list growth and promotion. Conversion can also be related to a particular sales funnel or email sequence, and the tactics below would work for any of those objectives as well.

At the very basic level, conversion means a user, follower or fan clicking on a link shared by a person or brand. And all of these tactics will accomplish that goal:

5 Ways to Achieve Conversion Through Social Media Marketing

Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are a great place to increase your exposure. To find ways for new users to find you, and your brand, product and services. It is a free way to increase your marketing efforts although it does take a significant amount of time. The rule of thumb is that if you’re going to post something in a Facebook group, you should engage with 2-5 posts before you do. One post should also be an introduction before you offer a freebie or service.

Instagram Pods
Instagram Pods are a great way to increase your organic engagement and reach. There are pros and cons to joining an Instagram pod and definitely some things to consider before you do, but if you’re looking to network online and grow your engagement, this is a great way to create a place to do that. How does this create conversion for your brand? This brings the followers of the individuals in your pod into your community and that is another layer of conversion that could (and should) potentially translate to sales down the road.

Changing your Instagram link is a very effective tactic for follower growth and website conversions. In our case studies, we’ve been able to increase engagement by 30% for some clients when we do this daily. It allows the user to get in the habit of coming to your main profile page to check the link and, by doing that, you can encourage them to engage with other content you have, especially if you have a business profile setup — then they can email you right from your page! And if that’s not the best kind of conversion, we don’t know what is!

Google+ is a great way to increase your Google search ranking without spending a fortune on SEO. SEO is changing and it is about creating good content, content that converts. The conversions from Google+ are two-fold. You can direct users to your YouTube page and increase your views and subscriptions on that platform. The best way to increase conversions (Web Traffic and Sign-Ups) with Google+ is to post at the right time. Nine AM weekdays is the best time to start the ball rolling on this network, with more recommendations in this free guide.

Live Video
Live Video increases conversions because you are getting video views the moment the user hits “play” and it allows you to add in additional content in the comments and while you’re sharing the video itself. Some live video apps allow you to create Lower Third banners with information and others allow you to comment in real time. The best part of a video is that you can also share a link in the caption or comment of the video itself and then direct users there while you have them engaged.

Objective: Education

The Education objective is one that should be a mainstay in your content buckets each and every week — especially if you’re working on growing your following. If you are running an ad on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you must retell your story at least once a week to keep your new followers engaged and connected.

The Education objective focuses on telling your story, your Why, the How Behind Your Why and what makes you different from other providers. It is a conversation about your products and services, your pricing and ways for your users to work with you. It’s a conversation about your programs, your referral bonuses and anything else that will make your ideal client scream with joy when they find you.

5 Ways to Achieve Education Through Social Media Marketing

Organic Content Posts
At least 3 posts PER week should come from your brand education bucket. They can be a new product, sales funnel, new offering, pricing update or bio post, but they should fill at least three slots per network weekly. These posts offer you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience with the main expectation of educating them on what’s available. The difference between a post about an offering with an education objective and a post about an offering with a sales objective is that you’re educating the follower on the benefits of the program instead of telling them to buy now. It is a subtle difference but one that will increase your reach, engagement and, yes, conversions over time.

Press Features
Press Features are a great way to educate a new audience about you and your brand, product and services. Reach out to bloggers who have an audience made up of your ideal client, find ways to swap posts or collaborate on service offerings with other entrepreneurs and then pitch that as a write-up for a blog. There are many ways to be featured online, on a website that is not related to you, your brand, product or services and this is also a great way to connect with new communities for conversion to your newsletter list where you can begin the whole education process all over again.

Guest Posts
This is another great way to grow your digital brand and educate new audiences about you, your brand, services and products. Here’s a great example of a post I shared years ago with Classy Career that helped me grow my brand by educating new followers about my areas of expertise.

Email Newsletter Sequence
A welcome sequence for your email list is SO important for education. This tactic can be used on every sales funnel or freebie you create so you can educate users about different offerings and areas of expertise as you bring them into your community. Click here to sign up for my newsletter and learn more about how we structure these to achieve our goals.

Branded Quotes
This is something we share a LOT of because they work. Quotes are great for social media engagement but why share someone else’s content when you can share your own? We’ve created series for clients based on popular hashtags, like #WisdomWednesday, to educate the audience that follows that hashtag about our clients’ offerings and areas of expertise. It is one of the most successful education tactics available today.

How do you vary your content and keep your followers engaged? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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