You may think brainstorming sessions and content planning meetings are just for the coaches, trainers and editorial brands out there but I’m going to let you in on a digital media branding secret — every, single brand needs to plan.

Creating content for a professional brand, a brand that will get you hired and get clients to understand your style, isn’t something that can be done on the fly. Of course, there will always be elements of content that will be created — and shared — on the fly (organically as we like to say) but that doesn’t mean that you can just start each month with a general idea of what you’re going to share and hope for the best.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing that in the beginning. But wouldn’t you prefer to have your content planned? To know that by the 5th of the month, your content is written, polished and scheduled?

That’s how I launched CreatiVix Media AND how I consistently grow my clients’ accounts by hundreds each week, without adding hours to their already full schedules. It’s also how I handle my own content so I can spend my billable hours doing work that will actually turn into dollars, instead of spending time trolling social media sites, hoping for a fresh lead.

Social Media Return on Investment or ROI is something that is often unpredictable and unmeasurable. I can’t tell you that 10 tweets will equal 10 new, paying clients, but I can tell you that having clips ready (especially blog clips that are “raw,” that is not edited by a formal process) and guest-blogging to increase your Google search results is the best way to increase your brand awareness which WILL get you hired and noticed.

That is something I can absolutely guarantee based on my own results and the results I’ve delivered for clients.

So, how do you do it?

You create content in advance like a magazine or newspaper and schedule it.

How much content should you be creating in advance? 1 month of content should be created in advance.

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