New Year, Same You: Using Abundance to Create Content that Converts

New Year, Same You: Using Abundance to Create Content that Converts

It’s a new year but you’re the same person you were yesterday and that is a gift. Too often in January, we get caught up in the newness of it all — which can sometimes make us forget just how lucky we are and how much we’ve learned in the last year. This January, I’m going to share tips, tricks and strategies to help you look back to move forward and use an abundance mindset to create your biggest year, ever.

Abundance is my word for January. My word for the year is CREATE — Courage. Respect. Empath. Advocate. Tenacity. Enough. It’s a mouthful but it is totally one that resonates with me. I tried the word on for a bit, I picked it in October, and it just stuck. As I began to create my content themes and strategies for 2018, I realized every month also has its own word and feeling. For me, in January, it’s abundance.

Now, that might seem counterintuitive as the holiday bills start hitting and you’re getting back into the swing of new business meetings and lead generation but stay with me — if we remember allllll the work we’ve done in the year past, we may just find that we’ve actually laid a strong foundation, one we can use to keep the momentum going instead of seeing it as a restart.

This January, I want to encourage you to ask for what you want to use past lessons to propel yourself forward. Here are three ways to do this in a strategic way to build your business AND your bank account.

Case Study Coffee Tawk

When I host connection calls with colleagues and collaborators, I call them “Coffee Tawk” sessions. I’m a New Yorker through and through and Coffee Tawk is my way to sharing my personality with my brand persona. At the end of last year, I talked about the Titanic Syndrome and how that can help you when you’re first starting out — by allowing you to separate the real you from the digital you — but how it can also stall you by allowing you to wallow in your comfort zone. Case Study Coffee Tawk accomplishes two things — 1) It allows you to shake things up and strut your stuff by promoting your successes from the past year and 2) It allows you to meet new people and share your mission in new places and with new audiences.

Action Item: Join 3 new Facebook groups (like mine, DIY Your Digital Empire) and focus on sharing content in those groups at least 3 days a week. The other groups you’re a part of? Share content in there once a week for 3 weeks. This allows you to expand your network without forcing you to create (too) much new content.

To the Archives!

If you’re anything like me, you spent A LOT of time writing and creating in 2017. Even if you don’t create content as a main function of your business, chances are you’ve got some past content that can be recirculated this year. Map out a plan and stick to it! Having a plan in place will allow you to quickly and easily see any holes you might have AND identify opportunities to promote new programs and offerings.

Action Item: Look back through old documents — digital and physical — review your journal and see if there are any content topics or ideas that you might have missed. Commit to writing up at least one of the ideas this week. You can do it and if you need some support, check out my 90-minute program, The Strategic Intensive, which helps you get it done with 3-30-minute sessions designed to maximize support while you execute.

Disconnect to Reconnect

If you didn’t take a dark week over the holiday, consider taking a mental health date this week to give yourself time to ease back into your normal work schedule — with the holidays, it may seem like you’re in catch-up mode but use these mental health dates to slowly reconnect to your purpose, your why and your mission in order to monetize your business and brand.

Action Item: Set up time each day to be device-free. I know this is a hard one and I am committing to it myself! In 2018, I commit to taking a full, real lunch break at least 2x a week. I know if I commit to all five days, I’ll set myself up to fail so I’m going to start small and encourage you to do the same.

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