Trends are a great way to get noticed by a new audience. A great way to connect with a new group of people online and a great way to get your brand, product or services into the conversation.

It can be exhausting to follow the trends and can sometimes feel like you’re pushing up a hill that is impossibly high.

It may also feel like you’re not creating anything new, that you’re not a thought leader, that you’re just “going with the flow.”

This is, in fact, false. Of course, there are people who simply copy what was created before. That’s wrong. You’re not supposed to steal work from people online. I’m not talking about common facts, quotes (with proper attribution) or public use/creative commons photos. We’re talking about content that someone else created that you’re sharing without any attribution to the creator or the place where YOU first saw it.

Attribution is important for a variety of reasons but the most relevant to this post is that attribution is a great way to make your posts and blogs heavier — by linking to others, you actually pull each other up in search. A very simple definition of how it all actually works, but one that should resonate with you.

You’ll notice certain buzzwords being used in emails, Facebook groups and online — things like “wildly successful” “curator” “passive income.” There are other words that are industry- or niche- specific. And, of course, there are the heavy trending topics of #ThrowbackThursday, #MotivationMonday or #TransformationTuesday.

Three things to remember when using these words or trends:

Make It Your Own

A #ThrowbackThursday post does not have to be a grainy polaroid photo of you. Read, repeat and read again. This is SO important. There are so many creative pieces of content to associate with this hashtag that will engage your audience, and the audience that follows this trend, in a new, exciting way. Be creative and daring here and the results will be massive.

Be Conscious

One that a lot of people like to use for any type of transformation is #TransformationTuesday. This post is traditionally associated with weight loss. If you’re posting something that isn’t related, you won’t get the response you want and you may actually get a negative response because you’re not conscious of the community following this trend.

Be Social

If you’re jumping into a new community with one post, make sure the post that follows it is something that shares a piece of content from your “Why” story bucket. Make it easy for the community to learn more about you and stay engaged with anyone new coming in after you post the trending topic.

Headlines are a great place to experiment with these terms for your brand and audience. Try them out in YouTube headlines and blog heads and see how your audience responds. If it is favorable, continue to incorporate these terms into your posts moving forward.

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