Instagram is a powerful tool for sharing behind-the-scenes moments in your day, life and business. It’s not the only platform to spread your brand message, but using it allows you to understand your audience and figure out what types of content they’re looking for.

When you’re sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it can be quite time consuming. And, for many of you reading this, it’s not the ONLY thing you have to do for your business in a day [don’t worry, we’ve got a calendar to help you with time management!] so you can’t spend hours on it that don’t turn into clients or opportunities.

Being sloppy — and yes, sharing from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter IS sloppy — isn’t going to get you the influence you need to build a brand that converts.

You could have a million followers, and if your fans don’t purchase your programs, it’s not worth it. If your feed is not appealing to brands, it’s not worth it. And if you can’t prove traffic, engagement and sharability, it’s not worth it.

So what CAN you do to increase your influence, build your audience and create a brand that converts by building your business AND your bank account? Well, you can create unique content that can be cross-purposed without being cross-posted. And why do you want to do that? Because of these 5 cons of cross-posting that could break your brand and your bank account.

5 Cons of Cross-Posting from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter

Instagram is a Visual Platform… and You Can’t See the Images ON Twitter

Instagram is ALL about the image. The lighting, the background, the filter. It’s your one shot in the spotlight to showcase your ability to get everything jussstttt right… or to be able to filter the hell out of it to make it look just right.

On Twitter, when you share from Instagram, you can’t SEE the image! It’s a link that drives you back to Instagram and, for most mobile users, that is a broken experience that results in your audience being pissed… and no one wants that!

On Facebook, the photo uploads and is visible but, often, if you’re using a ton of hashtags, as you should be on Instagram, it brings those right through. And, the worst part? The fact that your Facebook doesn’t link out to your Instagram in an obvious way, reducing the potential of bringing one audience over to another platform.

#VixSaysNo to this because it dilutes the quality of your work.

Same Content, Multiple Places

Cross-purposing of content (or syndication) is a solid digital strategy. Cross-posting is not the same as when many people cross-post they share THE EXACT SAME THING from one network to the next. A great brand has the same users following them on multiple platforms because they are SO hungry for any piece of content.

#VixSaysNo: To sharing the same content, at the same time, in different places — variety IS the spice of life and in the oversaturated world of social media and content, variety is the life jacket your audience is searching for [click to tweet].  

A/B Testing is a Must — EVEN on Organic Content

Let me break this down for you in super simple terms — A/B testing is creating two posts with different copy or images, driving to the same link/place on your website to determine what makes your audience convert. For the technical definition and some examples of exactly how to do this, check out this article in Social Media Examiner.

By posting the same content at the exact same time on multiple networks, you’re not getting a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t.

#VixSaysNo: To limiting the amount of DATA you have so that you can LISTEN and Guess, Test and Review post types, content and times with your ideal audience.

Lazy People Very Rarely Get Ahead

If you want to become an Influencer, you’re looking for someone — a brand, person, start-up or colleague — to pay you to create content. That could be anywhere from $50-5000 and, depending on the person/brand, it could be a lot of money for them or a very small amount. Or, in most cases with start-ups, a small amount of money that has a great impact on their overall success.

You want to be able to showcase that you understand what you’re doing for the brand and that you are someone who can be trusted as a brand ambassador. You don’t want to be lazy, you want to be seen as someone who understands their audience and does their best to provide them with the content they’re looking for.

#VixSaysNo: To “phoning” it in when it comes to your social – be strategic and intentional about everything you do.

Reach and Engagement Will Suffer

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are constantly making updates to their algorithm. To chase the algorithm is futile — you’ll never be able to figure out EXACTLY when they’re making the change and, in most cases, if you try to, it will only hurt you in the long-run.

If you share the same content across all platforms, the platforms’ algorithms will start to suppress your content and “label” you as a bad publisher. This is not pretty or pleasant but there is plenty of research on why/how this is done (Instagram Shadowbanning, anyone?) but even diving too far down that rabbit hole can be detrimental to your overall success.

You cannot game the system — the only way to increase your reach is to understand your audience and deliver the type of content they have come to know you for ON A CONSISTENT BASIS!

#VixSaysNo: because you will never beat the system and it is foolish to try. Instead, spend those valuable billable hours on networking and building AMAZING content that will wow your audience.

So there you have it, the 5 cons of cross-posting. Cross-purposing and syndicating your content is a great strategy and one that should not be ignored. My Editorial Calendar Template will give you the steps you need to do this and you can download your free copy here!

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