Social Media can be overwhelming at times. It can feel like the trends are rushing past and there’s no way for you to catch up.

Have you felt like this?

When you create a piece of content, do you have a clear, concise objective? Do you know why you’re posting what you’re posting when you’re posting it?

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If you got lost on that sentence, it’s ok. We can totally help you get your #InstaGoals and give your Facebook a Facelift (and at a very affordable rate, too!) but we think if you’re investing in this service you should have a sense of what’s actually being done and if you’re getting the right recommendations.

Follower Growth

Having a lot of followers is important for brand partnerships and influencer marketing. It is also important for all other social objectives — if you don’t HAVE an audience, you can’t convert them. Some ways to achieve rapid follower growth includes Facebook ads (which we’ll talk about in this month’s Webinar), affiliate campaigns and content sharing initiatives. We’re building out Social Media Management Pods and this is one of the key benefits of joining our carefully curated pods. Click here to sign-up for our newsletter and learn more about this when it’s ready!


A sales goal on social media is also very common. You can achieve this with ads and organic content, but the most effective way to sell on social media is with an affiliate campaign.

Newsletter List Growth

Growing your list grows your audience size. You can use ads to do this but you can also use guest posts on larger blogs to accomplish this goal for yourself. Much more to come on that, but it is something you should always think about when you’re trying to find the right people for your list, products and services.
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