Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It is a “kinder” Facebook by many accounts and is one of the best ways to monetize your brand. But if you’re not treating it like a business, you’re not giving it the attention it needs to succeed. Here are some reasons why you should treat your Instagram like a business and create a strategy that converts. recently shared this post “8 Reasons You Should Be Scheduling Instagram Posts in 2018.” They’re great reasons, really and truly. From creating a clean aesthetic to dedicating time for interaction, I agree with all of the reasons they outlined. I agree so much that I’m inspired to give you 15 more reasons why scheduling is right for you. And, if you’re ready to start scheduling? Download my FREE Editorial Calendar template AND use this coupon code to get access to, my number 1 recommendation for a scheduling and planning app for Instagram — it even has hashtag management.

15 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Instagram Content

  1. Planning Your Content Allows You to Create a Strategy: strategy is what separates casual users from business users. Understanding how to create a clean look and feel to your Instagram is one of the key ways to manage your business messaging.
  2. Interactions = Engagement = Success: taking time to plan means you have, as Later pointed out, more time to interact in real time. Set aside 15 minutes per day to like, comment and follow new users and watch your follower count soar.
  3. It Limits Distractions: Logging into Instagram may not seem like a big deal, but it breaks your work flow and that can be a big deal, especially long-term. By scheduling, you have the ability to focus on your work, not the promotion of your brand.
  4. Allows for Scalability: You can manage multiple accounts if you have a plan and you can make sure that all of your accounts get the attention they deserve on a weekly basis.
  5. Allows for Outsourcing: Once you have a pattern and plan in place, you can hand it off to someone on your team.
  6. Inspires New Ideas for Old Content: if you’re not recycling your content, chances are, your audience isn’t seeing half of it. Make sure you take the time to pull content from the archives as you plan out your weeks and months.
  7. Allows You to Unplug: Digital detoxes are necessary for your sanity (as are mental health dates!) and by planning your Instagram, you have the ability to actually plan to completely and totally unplug on a monthly basis (if not weekly!).

And for the last eight? Check out this article from Later, it really outlines the benefits of scheduling perfectly!

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