It was a Monday. A hot Monday in the second week of August. It was the summer of my dreams, the summer where I finally said “yes” to being fully, completely and totally me. The summer where I declared my independence for all the right reasons instead of for someone else or something else.

It was the summer I opened CreatiVix Media.

I’ve been building digital communities, managing content strategy, partnerships and influencer marketing, creating live video series and managing social media brands for a decade. And, if you think about digital marketing from a 360 point-of-view, I’ve been doing that since 2005. Building websites, tinkering with Google Ad words and figuring out the workaround, the “Vix” for any tech issue has been something I’ve been doing since High School. And I have loved it wholeheartedly.

I often say my true professional career began 5 years ago — sure, I was managing digital brands at Time Inc. before that, long before that (before I even had a degree) but five years ago, I managed the strategy for a national digital brand on a whole new scale. I was the Digital Producer at LIVE with Kelly and my whole life changed — I went from playing small to believing “this or better,” I went from having multiple side hustles to have one, all-consuming full-time hustle and trying to keep my personal brand stable through the shift. I moved to Manhattan, fell in love with SoulCycle, found a new community and fell in love with myself.

I found myself, the person I was meant to be, the truest version of myself, five years ago.

And in the five years since, my practice has continued — I have worked on becoming a true digital marketing expert, on truly understanding what it takes to get a community to not only engage but convert AND tell their friends. I’ve worked with celebrities (Meredith Vieira, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Michael Gelman), with life coaches and authors (Hal Rubenstein, Christine Hassler) with non-profits associated with the United Nations (the Education Commission) and with entrepreneurs running every type of business you can imagine — from construction companies to jewelry designers, from stylists to YouTube stars and everyone in between.

I believe you cannot be what you do not see and I strive to use my personal practice as a way to show women – and men! – of all ages that a new chapter is possible. That your story continues no matter what obstacles you face.

That you are extraordinary.

You are the smartest person in every room — but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning! You can be anything you want to be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other expects worth partnering with. Life is long and you cannot even imagine what’s coming your way.

Your job? Be open to possibility, trust your gut and continue the practice every. damn. day.

To continue to be more transparent about when, where, how, why and with whom I do the things I do (that have let me generate massive results for myself and clients), I’ve created a series of 10 videos on the 10 lessons I learned in Year 2 of being a badass fempreneur.

I hope these lessons inspire YOU to take the leap in whatever that looks like for YOUR life and YOUR zone of genius. And if you need a bit of help defining that? Take my six days to a successful side hustle challenge — it’s free and it’s the perfect way to dip your toes into the sea of possibilities that surround your life story. Sometimes, you have to jump off the life raft and immerse yourself in this sea — for in the lazy river of life, opportunities are only available to those who seize them.


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If you don’t want to watch now, the ten lessons are:

  1. Find the work around — the rAframe
  2. Smart is sexy and you are always one of the smartest people in the room….
  3. But that doesn’t mean you’re done – Never. Stop. Learning.
  4. Cheap Ain’t Cute, Honey — making the right investments in your dreams
  5. Surround yourself with multi-passionate people, for in diversity, we find strength
  6. And the support strength of the right group is an asset, not a liability
  7. Hold on to your gut, intuition, sense of self
  8. Do not forget your roots
  9. Don’t burn out, there’s only one Y O U
  10. Personality is what separates you from the pack
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