Vix the Fix

Your Guide to Digital Marketing Greatness

I’m Victoria,

But everyone calls me Vix because I’ve got the Fix to help YOU turn your idea into a digital brand that converts.

Social Media doesn’t have to be complicated, but for so many people JUST LIKE YOU, it is. I’ve launched and managed digital brand identities for Emmy-award winning journalists, Emmy-award winning talk shows, syndicated talk shows, United Nations projects, startups in pre-order, entrepreneurs in their first year of business, small business owners on their fifth business. I’ve worked with lawyers, doctors and holistic healers. I’ve helped brands large and small conquer it all. I built a six-figure company, this company, in six weeks.

And what do they all have in common?

Content. Strategy. Creativity.

Those are the three pillars of success in the digital age.

And Here’s Three Ways I’ll Get You There:


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